Managed Services

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Get control over your platforms

Our Managed Services offer encourages the proactive management of IT platforms, performed by a third party on behalf of a client. The difference with the traditional model is the proactive delivery of the service, in comparison with the reactive IT services that have existed for decades.

The objective is to add value to the client based on a modular offer of services that allows meeting the specific needs of each client. The MANAGED SERVICES offer is based on the following distinctive elements:

  • The operation is based on having a Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • Have a Help Desk that continuously addresses the requirements that may arise, proactive and reactive.
  • Be able to control remotely and manage all or most of the elements for the client.
  • Proactively, compared to reactive, maintain the platforms for the client.
  • Deliver these solutions based on a predictable billing model, where the customer knows exactly what their cost will be for the service.
Attention and entry of requirements from the end users, for its later management and solution.
Support focused on optimization of processes and improvements at configuration level
Management of customer contracts with third parties and management of services
Management service BCM (Belltech Cloud Middleware), recollects and displays information in the cloud (DM and BI) with integration of third-party APIs.
Reactive and programmed attention to the occurrence of failures on the Hardware and Software. In addition, we have continuous support from on-site technicians and permanent training for the client’s staff.
Periodic backup and recovery in the event of a disaster.
Proactive supervision of the status of the components of the solution.