Reduce costs and risks with robust architecture

For years, Belltech has developed the ability to design, implement and operate networks, from common devices to modern integrated TOL equipment, implementing solutions for Networking T, Wireless, Security, among others. Adapt your business objectives to your real technological needs and start preparing your communications platform for new computer challenges.

Our competent technical team, highly qualified in the development and support of communication technologies, has the most recent skills required by the main market players. All this to guide, design and deploy the best network structure, thus developing topologies from the edge to the Core that adapt to your real need.

I relied on the infrastructure solutions that Belltech has for its own applications, designed for each type of business.

Our Networking proposals guarantee the customer to obtain benefits in:

    • Reduction of operating expenses
    • Improved user experience
    • Agility in services


    • Business continuity
    • Coverage to new services and applications


We provide services and smart network solutions, actionable to change the dynamics between people, applications and the network itself, achieving a collaboration that is always active, simplified, virtualized and secure for your organization. Design, implement, anticipate and respond in an agile and efficient way any modification in your network thanks to the support of our specialists.
Design a topology according to the needs of your business and prepare your network to the new technological challenges where you will find network devices that circulate silently within your organization. Develop a wireless network that has the specific performance for the most important applications of your network, giving priority to the most important work applications, restricting the use of others.
Adapt your network topology for the use of mobile devices in a secure and controlled manner, both for company members and guests, thus allowing you to connect any device to your network providing efficient, secure, controlled and reliable access to applications and services that boost productivity.
Nowadays, every application goes through a network. With our advanced solutions you can allow local and remote administration of them thanks to all the information collected by sensors that are administered in the cloud, ensuring their availability at any time and from anywhere.