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Technology to improve attention

We have comprehensive solutions that solve the problem of Point of Service (POS) within the world of Retail, which includes open hardware solutions recognized worldwide, as is the case of Hardware for POS solutions, Self Checkouts, Self Scannig, printers specialized for Retail, all types of scanners and a wide range of peripherals that can be integrated in a natural way to the point of sales.

Our strength lies in the offer of open software solutions for the automation of premises that we have available today and customized to the reality of our countries (tax problems, relationship with local payment authorizers, integration with Back Office, etc.), which are based on a very modern architecture (Service Oriented Architecture, SOA) that solves the problem of the point of sale, centralization of premises, strategy related to customer loyalty and marketing campaigns, problems of product return and other related, facilitating turn the omnichannel strategy of our clients.

Point of sale terminals to meet the diverse needs of the Retail. With these equipment you will reduce costs and increase productivity through high performance and low maintenance.
We have a wide range of printers and international partners. Our range covers equipment of different sizes and formats, based on ink or thermals, which even allow embossing.
Equipment designed for self-maintenance in the Retail. These teams are designed so that customers themselves process their purchases by automating branches.
Fujitsu POS systems are easy to use and install. Through their sophisticated design, they can be flexible and individually integrated into any store concept, in addition to having an intuitive user interface, they also work in companies where several languages ​​are spoken.